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Pingdom: US Loves Internet Explorer, Europe Prefers Chrome

Website monitoring service Pingdom has found that in the battle of the web wars, Microsoft's Internet Explorer has taken the virtual crown. Their report on global market share noted Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9 was favoured by North Americans with 21.2 per cent, with Google winning the country over with 20.2 per cent - but Internet Explorer on the whole has captured the nation's hearts (and browsers) with an impressive 40.4 per cent of the US market.

On the other side of the Atlantic however, Europe has developed a taste for Google - with Chrome taking 25.1 per cent of the market. Firefox 11 follows close behind with 21.9 per cent and IE9 at 15.5 per cent, yet on a global scale, it's still Internet Explorer that wins over other browsers - according to Pingdom's resources.

browser by continent 1 520x306 Pingdom: The world belongs to Internet Explorer, but Europeans are fans of Chrome

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The results show that despite Internet Explorer's dominance over the global market, Firefox and Chrome have made quite the impact across the continents - bar the regions of North America and Oceania. But given North America's sheer population and greater reliance on the web, perhaps it's no wonder that Internet Explorer is the American sweetheart.

One other intriguing aspect is the growth of Apple's Safari on the iPad. Sadly, Pingdom doesn't have the exact number, as StatCounter "doesn't separate out tablet browsers from its statistics", yet the report is quick to stress that the iPad "is not only selling in large quantities, people are most definitely using it".

Because if it is being sold in large quantities, it would be silly not to use it.

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