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Samsung GT-i9300 (Galaxy S3) Appears In Benchmark Tests

The Samsung GT-i9300, which is believed to be the upcoming Galaxy S3, has appeared in benchmark tests where the handset is compared with some of the world's most advanced devices.

The tests were performed using GLBenchmark (found on Google Play (opens in new tab)), with users leaving positive reviews.

When comparing the numbers with some of the other strong components on the market, the GT-i9300 easily tops any device containing Snapdragon S4 and Tegra 3 chips, like the HTC One S and the One X, the first smartphone to feature a quad-core A9 configuration.

However, the Samsung Nexus didn't fare too well, managing to score the worst results amongst those previously mentioned.

Yet when tested against the iPhone 4S the device did manage to obtain a better score, although only by a small difference.

GLBenchmark, the application running the tests, can perform off-screen at different resolutions, allowing users to compare screens with different sizes.

The tests also show that the Samsung Galaxy S3 may contain a quad-core Exynos 4412 chip, rendering the phone twice as fast as its predecessor. The unit was clearly in testing mode, as it contained the same Mali-400 graphics as the Galaxy S2, but with a slightly faster clock frequency - from 266MHz to 440MHz.

Source: PhoneArena (opens in new tab)