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Smartphone Graphics Performance To Surpass Xbox 360 By 2014 Says Nvidia

It shows how mobile platforms performed poorly from 2008 to 2011 where their performance improved only ten fold but from that year onwards, Nvidia predicts that the pace of improvement will shot up significantly.

It also graphs the progression of consoles with the Xbox 360 being shown as being around 50 times more powerful as the original Xbox.

More significantly, the graph plots the point where mobile graphics performance will match and surpass that of consoles (more specifically, the Xbox 360).

That doesn't come as a surprise given that lounge bound consoles have much longer life cycles compared to smartphones and performance is static once designed and shipped.

Also the fact that the smartphone market is continuing to grow has attracted game developers who investing more resources in developing games and porting popular ones to mobile platforms.

This in turn has kickstarted a virtuous circle attracting graphics chip designers like Nvidia or PowerVR which have their roots originally in the desktop market.

Source : Anandtech