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Sony Removes PSP Game For Supporting Homebrew

Sony has removed a PSP game known as Super Collapse from the PlayStation Store, as it allowed an unauthorised program to run homebrew software on the PlayStation Vita handheld.

The software is known as the Vita Half-Byte Loader, which allows the playing of fan-made games and apps, as well as emulators for older consoles like the Game Boy, N64, Mega Drive, NES and SNES. Before being removed, the application ran on Vita up to firmware 6.60, and up to firmware 1.67 on the PSP.

Discussing the removal, creator of the Half Byte Loader, Wololo, said: "Sony's strategy so far has been to remove these games from their Store, and put them back once the Vita firmware is patched. Most likely, if you didn't buy the vulnerable game(s) in time, you will not be able to run VHBL. But we are regularly bringing more exploits to VHBL, so stay tuned on this page (opens in new tab) for further updates."

This isn't the first game Sony has pulled because its vulnerabilities allowed for the usage of unauthorised code. MotorStorm: Arctic Edge as well as Everybody's Tennis were previously removed and returned after the firmware had been updated to protect against the flaws these titles perpetuated.

Source: Eurogamer (opens in new tab)

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