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Will Apple Drop 17-inch MacBook Pro? Analyst Thinks So

According to a well respected analyst within the tech community, Ming-Chi Kuo, Apple could be looking to simplify its MacBook Pro line up and can the 17-inch version because of "weak sales".

In the past, Apple has been ruthless, getting rid of models that didn't performed according to expectations. This was the case for the Xserve server range which vanished back in 2010.

Kuo predicts that the move will come as part of Apple's next refresh which will see a more prominent role from the MacBook Air and a new range of laptops that will fall midway between the former and the MacBook Pro

Only about 50,000 17-inch models have been sold worldwide according to Kuo, ten times less than the 15-inch model and 30 times less than the 13-inch one.

The new MacBook Pro is likely to drop the optical disk drive as well as the traditional spinning hard disk drive and adopt SSDs as did the MacBook Pro.

It is also likely that the next MacBook Pro will feature a screen with a higher pixel density. That said some have argued that a bigger 17-inch provides with more display real estate and can house more components, which is what content creators, the primary market for the 17-inch behemoth, want.

Source : MacRumors

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