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Windows Phone 8 Caught Running On "Nokia Fluid"

More evidence of Windows Phone 8 has surfaced, this time catching the upcoming mobile OS running on two unknown devices, one made by Nokia. They were both browsing the web via Internet Explorer 10 and as the evidence shows, they could be featuring a square-shaped display.

The data was obtained from mobile speed test platform, DSLReport, which shows the user two Windows Phone 8 handsets performing some download tests. Apparently, one is named Nokia Fluid while the other is known as Qualcomm Fluid.

They have been both running Internet Explorer 10 during these tests, which occurred on Verizon's and T-Mobile's networks. As the data shows, the device destined for Big Red obtained high results, possibly indicating an LTE-compatible antenna.

Another interesting fact is the resolution of these devices. One of them uses a 768 by 768 pixel resolution, while the other was caught with 480 by 480 pixels. This hints towards a square-shaped display, a pretty rare thing to be found on a smartphone.

Signs of Windows Phone Apollo surfaced two weeks ago, when Hitslink, a report platform that analyses web-based usage statistics, registered tracks of the upcoming version. Notably, the first appearance of WP8 dated back to March earlier this year.

With Windows Phone 8, Microsoft is rumoured to introduce support for multi-cores, higher resolutions (including HD), NFC technologies, a deeper Skydrive integration and more importantly, native code support for porting Android or iOS applications on the OS.

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