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£199.99 Zoostorm AMD A6 8GB RAM 750GB HDD Desktop PC

Powered by the new AMD A6 Triple core 2.4GHz processor, the Zoostorm Desktop PC is a class apart computer system that brings with it not only great number crunching capabilities, but also discrete-level graphics technology along with responsive processing all in just a single chip.

The desktop, with its processing power, is not only good for day to day number-crunching tasks but also great when it comes to multimedia processing. You can edit HD photos and videos with ease and carry out your routine web activities like surfing, streaming video, etc.

The A6 processor would definitely deliver more as it is accompanied with 8GB of RAM thus enabling multitasking as well as simultaneous exaction of multiple resource hungry applications. With 750GB hard drive, you can store more than ever right there where you can access it straight away. Partition the drive as you may wish and setup backup of one partition to another without the need for any external HDD thus keeping your data safe.

In case you do run out of storage space, worry not as the on-board DVD writer would let you burn off the extra data onto DVDs. Connectivity is standard with this desktop with 6xUSB 2.0 ports, Ethernet port, DVI-D port, VGA port, keyboard and mouse ports among others.

No operating system is preloaded onto the desktop but, considering the price tag attached with this desktop; it shouldn't be that great a negative point.

The Zoostorm AMD A6 8GB RAM 750GB HDD Desktop PC is available from eBay for £199.99.