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AM News: Mac-Infecting New Flashback Strain Emerges, Nvidia Announces Mobile Kepler Lineup, Google Drive Released

Earlier this month the malware named Flashback infected hundreds of thousands of Macs, and now there is a new variant to be concerned about. Flashback.S , a strain of the original malware, "is actively being distributed in the wild" according to security company Intego in a statement. The statement goes on to explain that the malware takes advantage of a vulnerability in the Java program, which Apple has already patched.

Nvidia has announced its lineup of Kepler mobile GPUs, though some appear to be renamed versions of previous generation Fermi hardware. The two high end chips, GTX 675M and 670M are both made using the two year old 40nm process, though they all have the same features as the new Kepler architecture.

Today Google unveiled Google Drive, the cloud based storage service for videos, photos, documents and more. Google Docs is built into Google Drive, allowing users to collaborate in real time with others on documents, spreadsheets and presentations. Users can add and change the document, and can also comments on Adobe PDF files, images and videos. Users of Google Drive will also receive notifications when others comment on shared content.

Nintendo has announced the launch of a new customer support centre in the UK, providing advice lines for those with questions and a repair option for anyone whose console has problems. Those that go in for a hardware fix on their Wii can expect a free first inspection to check what the issue is and a free postage return.

Head of Valve and rocker of beards Gabe Newell, has taken a few swipes at EA's Origin service, saying that he doesn't feel the team behind it - though talented - has produced anything noteworthy as of yet. EA's digital distribution platform has drawn mixed comments from gamers and developers alike since its inception. Some believe EA will abuse it, forcing gamers down routes they don't want to go. While others say that it's good Valve's Steam has another competitor - monopolies are never positive for the consumer.