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Amazon UK Game Downloads Delayed

While it was initially expected to be usable sometime in 2012, it now seems likely that Amazon's game download service won't be fully available until sometime in 2013, suffering another delay according to publishers.

MCVUK (opens in new tab) has been speaking with select companies, who suggested that Amazon's service - that has been available in the US for some time already - was due to launch in the UK in April. However that quickly got pushed to May, then October and now it's looking like it won't show up until next year.

"I think Amazon has got to be careful because it's going to miss the boat," said one publisher. "In fact I'm staggered that Amazon is being so slow. What I don't understand is Amazon has got the download system up and running in the States."

What's even more surprising is that Germany is set to have its own Amazon download service working very soon. It's been speculated that this will be the trial of the EU branch of the system before it is outreached to other territories like the UK.

Digital downloads of full games have been going on with Steam, Impulse and EA's Origin for some time now, making the fears of publishers that Amazon will be left behind very real indeed.

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