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Android’s Issues Could Push Developers Towards Windows Phone

Google is currently facing copyright infringements lawsuits for Java's programming language used in Android. Oracle is strong on its position and accuses Google of stealing class libraries, which are subject to copyright.

This legal mess has since created serious image problems for Android, leaving developers to consider safer alternatives.

The mobile market is currently a game for two players, Android and iOS, each with very specific criteria - iOS developers know they are making more money, have better tools to work with but with a tighter system to fit in to.

Whilst Android gives developers more freedom, the recent news and overwhelming evidence against Google has left developers looking towards other ecosystems.

The reviews already point out that Microsoft's mobile OS is highly competitive. The array of devices that run on Windows Phone is growing and feature in a varity of price ranges. Windows Phone also has a deep integration with Xbox Live and Windows OS, which is familiar to a lot more users than Android.

Still, there are are voices that suggest (opens in new tab) that Windows Phone will have quite the battle with iOS and Android.

Microsoft is ready to invest some serious marketing money to boost its mobile OS' popularity, giving even more reason for developers to leave the Android side if things go south for Google.

Source: TheNextWeb (opens in new tab)

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