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Apple, Google, Intel: Accused Of Plotting Against Employee Migration

The world's top tech companies are rivals when it comes to biting a share of the market, but secret friends when it comes to keeping their employees loyal.

According to a recent report, Apple, Google, Intel and Adobe are accused of closing agreements not to steal each other's personnel. In theory, this could be a honourable gentlemen's agreement, but in reality, such arrangements can in fact hurt the employees.

Their career development can suffer whilst the compensations they are entitled to are suppressed. Consequently, a federal court from California has ordered antitrust lawsuits at seven tech companies.

"The fact that all six identical bilateral agreements were reached in secrecy among seven defendants in a span of two years suggests that these agreements resulted from collusion, and not from coincidence," has said District Judge Lucy Koh in San Jose.

She has dismissed the companies' claims and has decided that a further investigation under the federal Sherman antitrust law and California's own antitrust law, the Cartwright Act, is needed.

As well as Google, Apple Intel and Adobe, Intuit Inc, companies such as Walt Disney Co's Pixar unit and Lucasfilm Ltd also face the same accusations.

Source: ComputerWorld UK (opens in new tab)

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