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Are Investors Losing Faith In Apple's Shares?

For investors placing bets on Apple, the stock market tends to mirror that of a rollercoaster ride. On 9th April, Apple's stocks reached an all time high and since then, a decline has followed.

Apple stocks have gone down 10 per cent in ten days, which has since caused concern among investors.

Analysts are pointing to various reasons for the short downfall. These include problems with the supply chain, legal wars with US authorities caused by an alleged breach of antitrust legislation and the star iPhone range reporting low sales at Verizon.

Giri Cherukuri, a portfolio manager at Lisle, looked at past trends in order to determine Apple's future.

"They are so huge that you can't get these huge percentage gains forever because at some point sales growth has to slow down. The question is where are we on that curve -- near the bottom or are we near the top?"

Apple's upcoming earnings call for the Q2 FY12 might provide some answers and address concerns within the investor community. Analysts expect Apple to announce a profit rising by 55 per cent with sales rising by 48 per cent, compared to the previous year.

Source: Bloomberg (opens in new tab)

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