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Google Drive : Have You Received Yours?

Not everyone it seems has managed to get access to Google Drive; a quick straw poll in our office and on Twitter shows that roll out outside the United States is limited. This could be possibly due to the fact that the Google Drive for Mac/PC application is only availble in English according to Google's support page.

Google Apps users will also apparently need to wait errr for a few more weeks before being able to get Google Drive. Many have reported that Google deliveres a "your Google drive is not ready yet" message followed by an assertion by Google that you will be notified when it becomes available via email.

Worse still, a number of Mac users have been reporting that they couldn't download the Mac application for Google Drive. Google Drive was launched yesterday with 5GB cloud-based storage (up from 1GB from the previous Google Docs) while at the same time upping the storage capacity on Gmail to 10GB.

Google also updated its storage plans with renewals and pricing structure focusing on monthly rather than yearly cycles while increasing the price of online storage significantly. 20GB storage used to cost $5 before and users will have to fork nearly $30 for 25GB with 100 per cent increases common across he board.

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