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iOS, Android Still Lead On Mobile Ad Impressions

The North American mobile advertising market is clearly dominated by Apple's iOS and Google's Android, according to the latest InMobi report.

The company, specialising in researching the ad landscape, released the study on the mobile advertisement impressions on its network for the first quarter of this year.

When it comes to the handset's share of impressions, Apple is by far, the winner. In the first three months of this year, 19.7 per cent of ad impressions came from iPhone users, 12.2 per cent from iPod users and in third place are Apple's tablets with 4.9 per cent.

RIM's BlackBerry is well behind with 1.9 per cent and HTC is rising with 1.8 per cent of the handset share of ad impressions.

RIM saw its OS fall 4.6 per cent compared to the previous quarter. Apple had the strongest growth, rising by 3.7 per cent from the last quarter of 2011. Now, Apple's iOS has 36.8 per cent of the advertisement impressions, followed by Android with 34.1 per cent.

Overall, the market is growing. The report points out that over the past three months, mobile ad impressions increased by 18 per cent and the growth in smartphone impressions in the North American mobile market was 17 per cent.

Source: inMobi (opens in new tab)

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