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iPhone 5 “Replacement Parts” Appeared Briefly

China's fascination for Apple products can often leads to some surprising results. TVC Mall, a wholesaler specialising in Apple accessories situated in Shenzhen, China, offered "iPhone 5 replacement parts" for a brief period.

This section of the website has now unfortunately gone missing (opens in new tab), but the information has since made its rounds on the web. According to AppleBitch, the Chinese website claims to have been in the possession of genuine parts revealing the next iPhone's home button key.

The component suggests that the so-called iPhone 5 will be slightly redesigned. The alleged component of the new iPhone has a roughly similar design to the previous versions but with a round button in the centre as well as a square outer piece.

This could suggest that Apple plans internal alterations to the current models.

This is not the first time TVC Mall has offered parts of the upcoming Apple products for sale. In January, the website showcased iPad 3 components including a dock connector, a Bluetooth antenna, and a headphone jack connector.

Previous reports on this matter suggested that Apple is working on a redesigned new iPhone with revamped internals. Rumours say that Apple's sixth generation iPhone will sport Qualcomm's "MDM9615" LTE 4G for über fast connectivity.

Source: AppleBitch (opens in new tab)

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