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Linux Foundation To Host Open Source Cloud Conference

The Linux Foundation has announced it plans to host an event known as "CloudOpen" that is designed to "advance the openness" of the cloud platform. Many companies have already signed up to attend, including: Canonical, Citrix, Dell, Eucalyptus, HP, IBM, Intel, OpenStack, Red Hat and SUSE.

"This conference is built on one belief: open works," said Amanda McPherson, vice president of marketing and developer services at The Linux Foundation. "We know this from experience and know that the cloud demands it in order to be successful for the long term."

The big point of the conferance is to help guide and innovate the cloud platform, from a place that isn't affected by consumer or retailer thoughts - a neutral place that improves it without the idea of personal gain.

While some people (opens in new tab) have questioned why this type of thing hasn't been done as of yet, the Linux Foundation's response was that it felt this was the pefect time for the questions to be asked.

Set to take place between 29th and 31st August this year in San Diego, California, CloudOpen has an early bird registration cost of $400 for those willing to attend. This will grant you full access to the conferance as well as the LinuxCon North America event occurring at the same time.

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