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Microsoft To Show Off Xbox Music Service Woodstock At E3

Microsoft is set to show off the new music service for the Xbox, known as Woodstock, at E3 2012, continuing to help the company move away from its fading Zune brand.

Woodstock is thought likely to be a multi-platform brand, meaning it will show up on not only the Xbox 360, but Windows 8, Android and iOS, usable from within a browser.

Similar to Spotify, the new service is designed to integrate with Facebook, meaning friends and family can put together their own playlists as well as share tracks they like amongst each other. It's also thought that Microsoft will allow users to scan existing music collections and thereby grant them access to the same tracks within Woodstock, but that has yet to be confirmed.

Expected to launch sometime later this year, most likely alongside the next generation Windows operating system, Woodstock is likely to debut at E3, where Microsoft is no doubt hoping to keep interest high after the crushing announcement that it wouldn't be showing off any Xbox 720 Durango hardware at the event.

Like the other two big console manufacturers, Microsoft is making a big push to have its console more of an entertainment hub than just a gaming machine. Several developers believe that the next-generation of console could sell far worse than the current. Others believe consoles are dying out (opens in new tab).

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