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Mobile Phone Malware Skips 25 Year Learning Curve, States Symantec

Symantec has stated to ITProPortal that Malware on a mobile phone has skipped the 25-year learning curve, which desktop computers have seen - by going straight to trying to make money from exploiting security vulnerabilities, inside of portable devices.

In an interview with ITPP, at the 'Infosec' Information Security Event in London, Sian John - Security Strategist at Symantec - has stated: "Mobile Malware is an issue, with a very low base, but we have actually seen that it has gone straight to monetisation".

"In PCs we had 25 years of worms, Trojans and nuisance Malware and then it's only recently it has got into cybercrime and how to make money".

"A lot of the Malware we have seen on mobile devices have gone straight: to how we can make money out of you, how can I monetise what I am doing", "there may not be that much [Malware] around, but the stuff that gets through is harmful".

Malware, in its various forms, has been around on PC's since 1982. "In 2007 there was suddenly a massive leap in the amount of Malware, and then there has been an exponential growth ever since, with doubling and quadrupling of numbers, every year, with a move to more targeted attacks, with more focussed Malware to make actually money out of people", said Symantec's Security Strategist.

These attacks can force a phone to send text messages or dial premium phone numbers, down to taking money off of potential victims - from malicious apps, to links in unsecure websites.

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