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Nintendo Zone Launches In Europe

Nintendo Zone has now launched in Europe thanks to today's system update. The new service allows for the browsing of game trailers and screenshots, as well as the downloading of demos, offering a try-before-you-buy service for many contemporary titles.

All of this content is completely free and accessible from upwards of 25,000 public wi-fi hotspots across Europe. If you're wondering how close you are to one of these hotspots, never fear as Nintendo has released a simple tool for finding the nearest one. (opens in new tab) As long as you live relatively near any of your country's cities you'll probably be fine. Residents of London can access the hotspots from almost any point in the capital. Those in the sticks like myself might need to travel a little, but not far.

Nintendo has said that when travelling, the DS will flash a notification when it enters a hotspot area.

Other changes in this latest system update allows users to create folders on the 3DS Home menu, as well as the ability to apply software updates. This is essentially a game patching system, with the first one said to be for Mario Kart 7, set for release in the middle of May.

Source: Nintendo (opens in new tab)

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