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SAM Solution Is Said To Unlock Any Jailbroken iPhone

iPhone owners wishing to unlock their devices should prepare themselves for an iffy adventure before reaching the desired result.

Getting the right firmware for the specific iPhone model and using it with the right set of skills can be tricky. Another challenge faced includes asking the carriers to unlock the devices at the end of the two year contract, which in most cases could be considered a futile attempt.

Luckily, a new unlock method just became available and has been advertised as working on virtually every iPhone model. The users need to deactivate their iPhone, insert a new SIM and then activate SAM.

However, the process is more complex than that and it has some caveats, including server issues. Subscriber Artificial Module, also known as SAM, only needs a jailbroken iPhone and Cydia.

The method comes from Chinese hacker Loktar_Sun, who has used Sam Bingner's SAM. iPhone Dev Team member Musclenerd has confirmed that the method works as he has also tested it on his iPhone 4S.

In order to make SAM unlock the iPhone, users need to prove their motivation and strength. It is a twenty-nine step process, described (opens in new tab) in detail on iClarified.

Source: iClarified (opens in new tab)

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