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Sony's PlayStation Home Updated To 1.65

Sony's PlayStation home application has received a big update, bringing it to version 1.65 - adding a new menu screen, a personal chat service and new active furniture changes that allow for a much more customised experience.

The menu update replaces the original menu pad, though functions in a similar way. Sony claims it's now faster and easier to use, making it similar to the way users browse their wardrobe inventory.

The new chat system replaces the original telephone call, making it managed from the same place as other communication. Users can now switch between channels while staying in the same personal chat without ending the conversation.

Furniture slots have been updated, allowing for more active choices throughout the home since they now take up smaller numbers of 'slots'.

Of course Sony wouldn't release a big update like this without unveiling a few new customisation options for characters and their virtual abodes. There's a new dress for female players and a suit for their male counterparts. Wrangler has a virtual store within the game now, adding their own lines of concept clothing and there's a new "infinity pool" for those that want the most lavish of digital homes.

This update to version 1.65 will be made during the 8AM BST scheduled down time on 25th April, with all features going live once it returns.

Source: PlayStation Blog (opens in new tab)

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