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The New iPhone Could Be 8mm Thin

When gathering the most recurrent rumours about the upcoming iPhone, analysts reached the conclusion that Apple is putting its focus on the device's appearance.

If some new technology tidbits and materials will be integrated into the next iPhone, as reports suggest, the next iPhone could be 8mm thin.

Ming-Chi Kuo, analyst for KGI Securities agrees with the rumours suggesting that Apple might use in-cell touch panels on its next iPhone.

This new technology developed by Toshiba will allow Apple to eliminate the core layer from the iPhone display, the touch sensor and one adhesive layer. Kuo has estimated that this will shave off 0.44 mm from the current iPhone thickness of 9.3 mm.

To make the device even slimmer, Apple might even use a thinner battery. Meanwhile, earlier reports from Asian sources suggest that Apple will introduce innovative materials in its next generation iPhone.

The fragile but sleek-looking glass back might be replaced with a thinner and lighter material, Liquidmetal.

This metallic alloy will be "thin, light and highly resistant to external impacts," says one Korean source. Kuo has calculated that the slimmer battery and the new back could help the next iPhone lose another 0.96 mm.

Source: AppleInsider (opens in new tab)

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