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Three Strikes Piracy Letters To Land in 2014

The three strikes scheme to combat piracy initiated as part of the Digital Economy Bill pushed through in the final days of the last government, will come into effect some time in 2014.

The system would see those discovered to be pirating copyright protected content receive warning letters from their ISP, initially notifying them of the consequences for their actions. If the activity continued, the letters would increase in severity, eventually leading to Internet throttling. In most cases however, the recipient would be required to acknowledge their receipt of the communique before any further action could be taken.

The final strike of the system is the cutting off of the user's Internet connection. This would be very hard to actually implement though, since the Internet has been classed by some as a basic human right. It also seems unlikely that many ISPs would be happy to cut off their paying customers.

While initially intended to be introduced in 2011, the three strike measures has been pushed off several times, mostly due to legal action from BT and TalkTalk in opposition to the move. The latest 2014 arrival time was issued by civil servant Paul Kirkman at the Creative Coalition conference.

Don't expect it to hold though, as 2014 is an election year. The last thing the current government will want is a massively hated bit of legislation making it look uncaring in the face of voters.

Source: Wired (opens in new tab)

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