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Windows 8 Release Preview RC To Launch In June

Microsoft is set to launch Windows 8 Release Preview, the next beta stage of the upcoming operating system one month from now - with sources quoting a release interval between 1st and 7th of June.

This version will be the "Release Candidate" of Windows 8 and it's a build some say could be launched too soon, with the first beta (Developer) being unveiled last September and the second (Consumer) just two months ago.

The announcement was made on Twitter and as developers have stated, Windows 8 will be made available for download right after Japan's Dev's Days.

This means the Release Preview will arrive only five months before October, the interval in which Microsoft is supposedly going to launch the final version of Windows 8.

Although an official changelog hasn't been announced, Microsoft is expected to make another breakthrough, with the Consumer Preview edition featuring over 100,000 changes from its former version. Also, sources deny the return of the classic Start button, which was removed in February.

With almost a month and a half of waiting until the announcement, the current build of Windows 8 can be downloaded from the official website.

The new version is a completely revamped OS, compared to Windows 7, with new features like a Metro-style interface, enhanced search options, taskbar and optimisation for tablets being included.

It remains to be seen if Microsoft will also release the ARM-compatible version, Windows 8 RT, for preview in June.

Source: Twitter (opens in new tab)