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ZTE To Launch Rival To Galaxy Note

Chinese manufacturer ZTE wants to up its game according to a report published by news outlet Reuters, by adding a phablet to its product portfolio and compete with the likes of LG or Samsung.

Lv Qianhao, head of handset strategy at ZTE, said "We want to come up with the next generation of a Galaxy Note-type product - a combo product of handsets and tablets" possibly because margins are much higher at the top end of the market.

Samsung has the Galaxy Note while LG has the Optimus Vu. Over the last 12 months, the company, which competes with Huawei both in China and abroad, has launched a number of promising smartphones including the Skate, the Blade 2, the Era and the Mimosa X, helping it to keep up, at least specs-wise with the rest of the competition.

Samsung single-handedly (re)launched the phone-tablet market with the Note after Dell's 5-inch Streak proved to be a commercial failure forcing the US manufacturer to can the product.

It comes with some unique features that sets it apart from other smartphones like a higher resolution (1,280 by 800 vs 1,280 by 720), a bigger screen size and a capacitve stylus.

Source : Reuters

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