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£94.99 Corsair Force Series 3 120GB Solid State Drive (SSD)

Corsair, one of the leading vendors of SSDs, presents the Corsair Force Series 3 SSD with SATA 3 6Gb/s performance that makes your system not only responsive, but also ensures that your computer would boot faster and load applications must more faster compared to other types of drives.

The Series 3 SSD is ideal for notebooks and laptops and is much cooler and quieter compared to traditional hard drives. The reason behind quiet operations is that this SSD doesn't contain any moving parts. Another great feature of the SSD is that the power consumption is also on the lower end of the spectrum thus indirectly extending the battery life of your laptop.

Thanks to the SATA 3 connectivity, you get speeds of up to 6Gb/s. The drive is also compatible with SATA 3Gb/s (SATA 2) systems as well. The unformatted space on the SDD is 120GB. The drive is capable of delivering read speeds of up to 550 MB/s and write speeds of up to of 510 MB/s.

The 2.5" SSD also comes with a 3.5" bracket as well. Corsair is extending a 3 Year Warranty with this drive.

The Corsair Force Series 3 120GB Solid State Drive (SSD) is available from eBuyer for £94.99.