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AM News: Olympics Athletes' Hub Launched, ARM Q1 Revenue Up by 14pc, Three Strikes Piracy Letter to Land in 2014

Not everyone it seems has managed to get access to Google Drive; a quick straw poll in our office and on Twitter shows that roll out outside the United States is limited. This could be possibly due to the fact that the Google Drive for Mac/PC application is only availble in English according to Google's support page. Google Apps users will also apparently need to wait errr for a few more weeks before being able to get Google Drive. Many have reported that Google deliveres a "your Google drive is not ready yet" message followed by an assertion by Google that you will be notified when it becomes available via email.

The three strikes scheme to combat piracy initiated as part of the Digital Economy Bill pushed through in the final days of the last government, will come into effect some time in 2014. The system would see those discovered to be pirating copyright protected content receive warning letters from their ISP, initially notifying them of the consequences for their actions.

IBM boffins have come up with a new system of threat analytics to help spot suspicious traffic on corporate networks. The firm notes that security risks are far more wide ranging these days, with enterprises opening up networks to smartphone and tablet access, and the likes of social media. As a result, traditional firewalls and security software are looking less adequate in terms of protection.

ARM has just announced its first quarter fiscal results for 2012, and the numbers are looking good, with an increase in revenue which outdid analyst expectations. The headline result was the revenue of £132.5 million, which was up 14 per cent on the first quarter of 2011, when the company took £116 million.

Social media is big business these days, that's stating the obvious, but the rise of Facebook and its ilk has gotten so meteoric that even major sporting events are fully recognising the importance of the social network. This year's Olympics is getting on board the social train with the launch of the Olympic Athletes' Hub, a social media aggregation site to help hook up athletes, past and present, with their fans.