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DNS Changer Virus May Attack 20,000 Devices in UK

The "DNS Changer" malware, one of the most widespread viruses at the moment, could attack more than 350,000 computers worldwide on 9th July, with a big portion of the infected being from the UK.

The FBI has stated that on the fated day, approximately a half of million devices could lose internet access, leaving them unprotected against DNS Changer, a virus developed by an Estonian organisation and which was discovered back in November last year.

Since then, it has successfully infiltrated over 500,000 desktop computers, including Mac units, by hijacking the device without user knowledge and spamming clickable adverts. Although at first this could only mean a slightly slower connection for the owner, like a malware iceberg, much more lies beneath the surface.

The virus also has the means to disable antivirus software and to redirect precious information towards a main server. The virus can even disable the user's internet connection if it finds out that the server has been shut down, as the FBI previously attempted.

So officials have chosen to temporarily replace the server with a site that checks if the computer is infected and remove the virus if found.

Unfortunately, this clever scheme costs the bureau too much, and it has taken the decision to close the website on 9th July, leaving more than 350,000 infected computers without a live connection.

Reports show that 20,000 of those affected are from UK and more than 85,000 can be found in America.

Source: Telegraph (opens in new tab)