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Google Drive : Analysts' Comments Are Cautious

The launch of Gmail eight years ago disrupted the online email market and drove many smaller providers to bankruptcy by offering more features and better overall performance for free but things could be very different with Google Drive.

None of Google's features are compelling or unique to Drive with Microsoft's Skydrive offering 40 per cent more storage capacity and most other providers selling additional capacity for less than Google's just increased cloud storage price list.

The quasi simultaneous launch of Drive and Skydrive prompted some analysts to throw a few words of caution, albeit with strings attached (and vested interests) as more businesses may consider switching from paid to free cloud storge.

Phil Hambly, director at Cloud services provider InTechnology, stated "businesses need to know exactly what they are getting for their money and prioritise the importance of their data".

Analyst firm Ovum recommends on the other hand checking the likes of Box and Huddle before adding "These services deliver user friendly, device agnostic, content sharing features similar to Google Drive, Dropbox, and Microsoft SkyDrive, but they also feature management and administration capabilities that Ovum deems essential from a compliance and audit perspective."

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