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Google Drive Android App Surpasses 5 million downloads

Less than 24 hours after it has been launched, more than five million downloads of Google Drive Android App have been logged by Google Play.

In comparison, Mozilla's Firefox 3 clocked more than eight million active downloads in one day back in 2008 (ed : one might say that Microsoft's patch Tuesday routinely smashes this record but that's a tad different).

The service was launched yesterday by Google and appears to be rolling out gradually worldwide which means that the number would have been significantly higher had the initial launched been global.

The application has already received more than 35,000 reviews at the time of writing and averages four stars out of five. It requires Android 2.1 or above to install and is currently available as version 1.0.77.

Google Drive only offers 5GB compared to Microsoft Skydrive's 7GB and is on par with other players on the market (Box, Amazon) and higher than Dropbox's 2GB. Upgrading to 25GB will cost you nearly $30 a year, more than twice what it was only a few days ago.

Google also upped the amount of storage for Gmail to 10GB and scrapped the 1GB allowance for Google Docs (which has essentially been merged with Google Drive and increased to 5GB).

Source : Google

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