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Late News: O2 Wallet Launched, Apple WWDC Tickets Sold Out in 2 Hours, Schmidt: Open Sourcing Android was Legal

Mobile network, O2, has released an app for smartphones (opens in new tab) that allows users to transfer money via text messaging and store debit and credit card details, to speed up purchases from online stores. O2 has also revealed it intends to allow users of the wallet app to make purchases with their near-field communication (NFC) phones. This would allow consumers to make contactless payments in shops on the high street through O2 Wallet.

Tickets for this year's Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (opens in new tab), that will run from 11th June to the 15th, have sold out in just two hours. Tickets went on sale on Wednesday of this week after Apple announced the dates for the conference in San Francisco. But just two hours later, the official WWDC website was no longer allowing registrations.

Kaspersky Lab has announced the release of a new security solution (opens in new tab) to help businesses better manage virtual environments. The obligatory study to go hand-in-hand with the launch said that for UK companies, 81 per cent of services launched in virtual environments were mission critical, yet 41 per cent of the IT staff involved said their knowledge of virtual IT was only "basic" or just about good enough.

Eric Schimdt, Google's former chief executive, (opens in new tab) has told the court he is confident that Android, the world's most popular smartphone platform, was developed legally. He also maintains that top executives at Sun Microsystems had no objections to the project. "My understanding was what we were doing was permissible," he explained. "From the sum of my experiences and interactions, I was very sure what we were doing was legally correct."

The use of unlicensed TV White Spaces in the broadband spectrum (opens in new tab) could bring broadband services to 2 million currently unserved premises. "Entire rural communities could be rapidly connected using low cost hardware operating in unlicensed TV white space," according to Richard Walker, Head of Wireless at TTP. TTP is one of the companies involved in the Cambridge White Space Consortium trials. Walker also said that this project is ultimately worth £10 billion to the UK economy.

Ravi Mandalia

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