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Meizu will update MX and M9 to Android 4.0 in June

Meizu has announced that MX and M9 smartphones will receive their deserved Android 4.0 updates sometime in June. The upgrade will be served as Flyme OS 1.0, a customised version of Ice Cream Sandwich.

The fact that Meizu MX and M9 would eventually receive Android 4.0 has been known since November last year, the news coming from the company's CEO, Jack Wong. Meizu has now officially revealed that the latest Android version will be delivered in June.

The build will also be made available on the official website, where customers will have the possibility of directly downloading Flyme OS 1.0. Meizu describes this custom ROM as offering a "powerful range of features and user-friendliness together with a simple and elegant design."

This is supposedly achieved using more streamlined interactions, a more logical user experience, backup and sync possibilities, a phone locating feature for those who lost their smartphone, integration with a new cloud service, as well as a pack of pre-installed applications.

Flyme OS 1.0 will also be found on Meizu's upcoming Galaxy S3 rival, the MX Quad-core. This handset will feature a quad-core chip built by Samsung that could possibly be clocked at a 1.5 GHz frequency, while consuming 20 per cent less power than its previous generation.

Unfortunately, both Meizu MX and M9, as well as the upcoming Quad-core, are only retailing in China and Hong Kong, for prices ranging between £167 and £207.

Source: Engadget (opens in new tab)