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Microsoft Confirms New Windows Phone Users Will Get 7GB Rather Than 25GB

Shortly after Microsoft made Skydrive more widely available and cut the storage allocation from 25GB to 7GB, we got in touch with them to find out whether this would affect Windows Phone users.

After all, some handset manufacturers like Nokia with the Lumia 800 had included the 25GB cloud based storage allowance in their product description and in their marketing documentation.

We now have an official confirmation from Microsoft that all new Skydrive users regardless of whether they purchased Windows Phone smartphones or not, would get 7GB.

Which is a shame given that HTC has partnered with Dropbox to give 25GB worth of data for two years to its users who purchased an HTC One X, V or S, whcih all run on Android.

Box also provided 50GB worth of online storage to Sony mobile users regardless of their platforms. Which means that Microsoft could have used the superior storage capacity as an added benefit to lure new customers to the platform.

Skydrive is available on all major mobile platforms but not on Linux as it stands. It was rolled out to a wider audience just before Google got its Google Drive out of the door.

Désiré Athow

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