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Mobile Malware Is At A Similar Level To PC Malware, States Symantec

Symantec has stated to ITProPortal, at the ‘Infosec' Internet Security event in London - mobile Malware is at a level close to its computer variant, putting it on par with the types of exploits and vulnerabilities that the PC is exposed to, from malicious code.

Sian John, stated: "What has happened with mobile Malware, is that we've gone from a very small number of Malware, but again, we have seen an exponential growth with lots of variants, again it's because it is targeted and it is monetised".

"It's the same pattern, but the numbers are lower, as the PC world [has seen] from 2007 - mobile is at a similar level".

Symantec's Security Strategist added: "It is not as if it's gone back to where it was all about destroying files, it's now about: I want to take money off of you; I want to make premium rate calls".

"One of the challenges is that a lot of people think about mobile Malware, is that people like [Symantec] are creating fear, uncertainty and doubt - but for certain platforms, it does exists".

We asked which platforms are the most vulnerable, where the response from Sian John was "Open platforms; it is easy to write an application for it, therefore it's easy to write a malicious application for it"; Android and Symbian were confirmed as those open platforms.

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