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New SSL Dashboard: SSL Pulse

The Trustworthy Internet Movement, a not for profit initiative, has revealed its first project - the SSL Pulse. The SSL Pulse is an online dashboard that monitors the quality of SSL support on websites.

The initiative, formed in February of this year, aims to tackle ongoing security concerns on the internet. SSL Pulse was released today at Infosecurity Europe. The dashboard is currently tracking almost 200,000 websites with valid certificates. This number includes the majority of SSL sites in the Alexa top one million list. According to TIM, only 50% of these websites are A graded, with the rest needing improvement.

SSL Pulse is available for anyone to use to check whether or not a website has a secure SSL function. Users can also view a list of the best, and the worst, performing websites.

Philippe Courtot, founder of TIM and chairman and CEO of Qualys, the technology that powers the dashboard, said the function of SSL Pulse is not to "name and shame" the worst websites, rather to raise awareness of the need to improve SSL functions.

"SSL promises security, but if not managed properly it gives users a false sense of security," Courtot said. "If everybody knows, there are no excuses; anybody can see your grade and you can check any website on the planet in about a minute."

Source: Techworld (opens in new tab)