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Nottingham University Helped from HP's IT Security Team

HP officials have announced that the UK's University of Nottingham has adopted the company's Security Analytics (opens in new tab) service, to help it face future web based threats.

Paul Kennedy, Security and Compliance Group Leader of Information Services at the University of Nottingham, said that the institution needs to provide secure access to key features of the system, "from any location, at any time, on any device".

HP's team collected enough data to build a customised version of a tool that is configured to operate according to the University's own needs, rather than following a generic pattern.

The HP Security Analytics can track the source and mode of attack with accuracy, while redeploying precious resources to counter-attack the most aggressive threats. This service also involves existing IT investments and resources, cutting down Nottingham's bill.

One of the most pressing issues the University encounters each year is the arrival of new students. At the beginning of the semester, more than 9,000 unknown devices from various locations are trying to connect to the network.

Andrzej Kawalec, chief technology officer at HP Enterprise Security Services added that "If organisations are to meet the complex security challenges of this decade, then the importance of a structured, analytical approach cannot be stressed enough".