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StillSecure Brings Cloud Security Service To AWS

StillSecure has announced that it has signed up to the Amazon Web Services Solution Providers Program, where the company will offer its security expertise to those in the cloud.

Security is one of the primary worries of those with their heads in the public cloud, and StillSecure intends to bring forward a number of solutions aiming to protect those who partake in AWS.

The company is set to initially offer Cloud SMS to AWS customers, a cloud security monitoring service. This is a Linux host-based firewall management solution, designed with user-friendliness as a primary concern, and targeted at businesses leveraging infrastructure-as-a-service. A simple web-based interface ensures ease of use.

Cloud SMS is suitable for smaller and larger organisations, the company states, and will expand to provide a series of "premium solutions" based on usage needs. The service is available for free, too.

James Brown, CTO of StillSecure, commented: "Cloud SMS is an ideal solution for AWS customers. It follows the Amazon model of being easy-to-use, scalable, and cost-effective."

"Organizations have serious concerns about cloud security, and rightly so. In today's heavy threat environment, they simply do not know where to turn, or even where to start. Cloud SMS is a welcome answer and provides the defensive monitoring a company needs."