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Windows Phone 8 Will Not Reach Any Existing Terminal

Microsoft is set to deny the benefits of the upcoming Windows Phone 8 to all existing handsets, whether they are aimed at a cheaper segment of the mobile market or use cutting-edge hardware.

This is not the first time we've heard the news and apparently the Redmond-based giant has concluded all future deals with the current edition of Windows Phone and will not support any upgrades to Apollo.

The rumour comes described as "certitude" from an anonymous Microsoft source, which states that WP8 will be based on Windows 8, rather than its mobile sibling.

With that thought in mind, the upgrade will require processors with multiple cores (two or more) and would therefore likely underperform on existing smartphones.

Another reason for this decision may be economic roots, with rumours claiming that Microsoft partners have sold very few Windows Phones and to support a new platform on future obsolete hardware would be expensive.

Moreover, Paul Thurrot of Windows IT Pro, stated that handset makers and carriers would never support such a massive upgrade simply because they would want to sell new equipment. Also, the updating process would be tedious, and carriers may refuse to deliver the build.

AT&T is still struggling to deliver a Windows Phone update which was launched months ago, while sources from South Africa claim that HTC and Nokia may hold their flagships until Apollo arrives, so they could deliver it pre-loaded.

Source: Windows IT Pro (opens in new tab)