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Asus Zenbook Prime Ultrabooks To Launch At Computex?

Asus may be preparing a fresh update to its range of U which was launched last year at Computex with pictures of a new Zenbook duo, an 11.6-inch UX21A and a 13.3-inch UX31A model, captured in China.

Both apparently have a 1,920 x 1080 pixels IPS panel with a matte finish and according to Engadget "excellent viewing angles" and will almost certainly contain the next generation Intel Core ULV processors based on Ivy Bridge. We already know that these parts are expected to launch in June, possibly at Computex.

It is also very likely that the new Ultrabooks will come with discrete graphics chip, the same wasy their bigger siblings did. Expect therefore Nvidia's Kepler mobile GPU solutions in one of them to complement the onboard Intel HD graphics subsystem.

Engadget reckons that they will go on sale for around the same price as the current range of Zenbook. Arguably, the fact that Asus has been managed to get hold of 11.6-inch full HD panels could well mean that Apple will do the same with the next MacBook Air which could prove to be a very interesting contest indeed.

Source : Engadget China