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AWS CloudFormation Now Supports Creation Of Private Clouds

Amazon Web Services has announced that CloudFormation now supports the creation of virtual private clouds.

Using CloudFormation, you can create and manage an Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), to carve out an isolated slice of AWS where you can launch resources in a virtual network that you can define yourself.

Amazon states that you can now create a VPC using a single CloudFormation template, cutting back heavily on the time taken to design and implement a VPC.

In an AWS blog post, Amazon explains: "CloudFormation templates are JSON formatted text files and can be stored in a source control system alongside your application source code. CloudFormation allows you to separate the network and VPC configuration from the resources needed to run an application."

"For example, a network administrator can define the Virtual Private Cloud resources in a template and ensure that the subnets, route tables, network ACLs, and gateways are correctly set up. After testing the configuration, the network administrator can check the template into the central source control system."

Amazon notes that resource types including Amazon EC2 instances, auto scaling groups, elastic load balancers and Amazon RDS Database instances can already be deployed into an Amazon VPC via CloudFormation templates.

Source: AWS Blog