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BlackBerry ‘Armstrong' Curve 9320 Specifications Are Leaked

RIM is preparing to launch a new BB device, called the BlackBerry Curve 9320 (previously, codenamed Armstrong), and speculations are starting to take shape - thanks to Sohoa. The Vietnamese mobile-centric website now offers a better look at the phones' specifications.

This new low-end device clearly presents fewer features than its competitors, but it's the perfect phone for the typical texter, who doesn't need or want anything special.

The Curve 9320 comes equipped with a single-core processor (unfortunately, the model wasn't revealed), 512MB of RAM, GPS, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, microSD card slot, and a 3.2-megapixel camera. It's rumoured to have a 2.44 inch qVGA non-touchscreen display, which runs at a 320 by 240 pixel resolution, whilst powered by a 1450mAh battery.

The phone will display the classic and minimalist BlackBerry design that we all know, with sleek, curved lines and it's rumoured to have a "better" Qwerty keyboard, plus being much thinner than the rest of the Curve line-up.

The device will run under the BlackBerry OS 7.1 and even though RIM's new baby wasn't officially announced yet, a few pictures were taken and displayed on T-Mobile's UK site (opens in new tab).

The BB Curve 9320 was confirmed for India and the UK, but it has not been announced yet for the US. RIM may choose to unveil this phone at the BlackBerry World 2012 event, which is going to take place next week in Orlando.

Source: Sohoa (opens in new tab)(translated by Google)