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Canonical Unleashes Ubuntu 12.04 LTS Precise Pangolin

Canonical has released Ubuntu 12.04 LTS (Long Term Support), an OS that is targeted at enterprise desktops.

Precise Pangolin includes support for desktop virtualisation from VMware and Citrix, along with Microsoft RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) 7.1.

Canonical points out that this means users now have multiple choices when it comes to office apps, aside from the pre-installed LibreOffice (the MS Office compatible fork from OpenOffice). The alternative choices are the remote delivery of desktop applications, or cloud solutions such as Google Docs.

Jane Silber, CEO of Canonical, commented: "For large enterprise deployments with long-term planning processes, Ubuntu 12.04 LTS is our best desktop yet. Thanks to our expanded hardware partnerships, we'll make regular updates to support new PCs from certified partners like Dell, HP and Lenovo. And we'll support even more companies that make the switch to Ubuntu on their desktops."

New to this release is Unity, a fresh UI which Canonical claims has been honed considerably, to maximise productivity and user friendliness. It's not everyone's cup of tea, mind you, going by what we've heard thus far.

The company also points to significant optimisation over the previous version, resulting in faster boot times, and extended battery life in laptops running the OS.

Maintenance updates are guaranteed for five years with Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, plus Canonical also provides an option to take on commercial support in the form of the Ubuntu Advantage program (which offers two levels of support).