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Google Drops $300m On Iowa-Based Data Centre

Google has announced that it is to build another data centre in Iowa. It'll cost around $300 million.

The data centre will be located in Council Bluffs, and will mean that Google has invested a total of $900 million in the city. The search giant already has a $600 million data centre there, which employs 200 people and was constructed in 2009.

The new facility will provide employment for 50 staff members, including positions in computer repair and logistics. The second centre will cover much the same territory as the first in terms of its remit, supporting core services such as search and Gmail.

Chris Russell, operations manager for the Council Bluffs data centre, commented: "We are glad to be in Iowa, and Google's future here is very bright."

A completion date hasn't been revealed for the project, but work has already got underway on the thousand acre site where the centre will sit, south of the city.

Google apparently chose the location not just due to what Russell described as favourable electricity rates and an educated workforce, but also due to tax credits which the company gained - to the tune of $9 million, in fact. Without that extra incentive, the facility may well have been constructed in another state.

Source: Associated Press