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Kindle Fire Snares Half Of US Android Tablet Market

ComScore has just released some figures regarding the US Android tablet market, and the Kindle Fire is doing very well for itself indeed.

Apparently Amazon's tablet has secured no less than a 54 per cent share of the market as of February. That's up considerably from January's 42 per cent slice, and the upward trajectory is even clearer if you go back to December of last year, when the figure was just 29 per cent.

You have to remember that the Fire has only been burning since last November, so that's a pretty speedy pace it has built up.

Amazon, however, is still declining to give any hard sales figures on the Fire, even when it detailed its first quarter financial results today. The firm just trotted out the old line that the device is the number one best-selling and most wished for product across

So what's the second place Android tablet? Unsurprisingly, the Samsung Galaxy Tab, but that's way behind the Fire on 15.4 per cent. Since December, the Tab family of devices has slipped from 24 per cent, evidently buffeted by the budget Kindle.

The Xoom was third on 7 per cent, and Asus Transformer next on 6.3 per cent (we'd have thought that would have edged out the Xoom). The Toshiba AT100 was the fifth best-selling Android slate on 5.7 per cent.

The budget conscious slant of the Fire is clearly working, in America certainly, so it's no wonder that Google itself is set to produce a low-cost Nexus tablet (opens in new tab), to prevent the lower end of the tablet market being completely hijacked by Amazon's device.

Indeed, Apple is also supposedly intending to launch a mini, more wallet-friendly iPad (opens in new tab) to attempt to douse the Fire. Given this serious competition on two fronts, Amazon's tablet is likely to struggle to maintain its admittedly considerable lead for long.

Darren Allan

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