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The iPad Is Twice As Popular As The Mac In The Education Sector

At the recent conference on Apple's performance in the second fiscal quarter of this year, Peter Oppenheimer, Chief Financial Officer, pointed to iPad's integration in the education sector.

He revealed that the San Diego school district has bought 10,000 iPads n the last three months, and 15,000 more iPads will be purchased in June. "iPad continues to open doors to new customers with which Apple had no previous relations," added Oppenheimer.

When describing the preferences of K12 customers, Apple's representatives have highlighted the fact that for every Mac, two iPads found their way into the classroom. The volume of purchases in the K-12 program is expected to grow in the following months: "as we enter the K-12 institution buying season."

Education is a vital field for the iPad, and some voices suggest that the future of mobile apps will be (opens in new tab) highly influenced by kids.

Oppenheimer has also detailed the iPad expansion in very specific markets. He has outlined that iPad's usage has been successfully tested in army, airlines and hospitals.

US Air Force has decided to deploy thousands of iPads in cockpits, as electronic flight bags, which are much lighter and more effective than paper documents.

iPads can also turn into mobile sales tools. He has revealed that Bechtel, Balfour Beatty and other large US companies are "using iPads in the field for project management and viewing blueprints."

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