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PS Vita Sales not Strong in Europe

Sony's PlayStation Vita handheld console is selling at lower numbers than the PSP and Wii in Europe, if new sales research by Nintendo is to be believed.

During a recent financial briefing, the Japanese console manufacturer released a graph that showed sales data for games consoles in the EU region. It revealed that the PS3 had the top spot, followed closely by the 3DS and Xbox 360 and the Wii in fourth place. All the way back in fifth was the aging PSP and surprisingly its younger brother the PS Vita, languished in sixth.

This data was gathered from market research firms from each European country, according to Nintendo president Satoru Iwata. While no doubt feeling smug about the sales numbers of the Sony handhelds, he did say that the performance of the 3DS had been less than satisfactory.

The Xbox 360 is also a threat he needs to keep an eye on, though in very specific geographical locations. Discussing its competitiveness, he said: "The UK market is virtually the only market in Europe where the Xbox 360 has a strong presence. In fact, it dominates the PlayStation 3, and it is in stark contrast to the other European markets."

Elsewhere in the world the 3DS is doing far better, completely dominating the handheld market in Japan and the US. In terms of home consoles, the Xbox 360 holds the top spot over the Atlantic, while in the Eastern island nation the PS3 is king of the hill.

Source: Eurogamer (opens in new tab), Nintendo (opens in new tab)

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