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BlackBerry 10 Developer Mobile Phone Caught In The Wild

Pictures of a mysterious device, thought to be used by developers to test the BlackBerry 10 OS and applications, have been captured in the wild. As sources state, this is not a model that's going to be released on the market, more of a phone that's meant for development purposes only.

The images clearly show a candy-bar smartphone, which lacks RIM's traditional QWERTY keyboard, in favour of a big touch-screen display. There are no physical or capacitive buttons on the front of the device, just a wide speaker-hole and a front camera, with a design similar to the Galaxy S2 (at least in the upper part).

The model comes with a 16GB microSD card, two connectivity ports (microUSB and microHDMI) on the right side, and a very stylish volume bar - on the left side. The back panel is marked by RIM's usual logo and contains a camera, in the upper-right corner, supported by a LED flash.

Sources claim that this is just a testing phone, used by developers to see how future BB OS 10 applications will run and possibly even test internal components. This is not going to be the first model that will be released, as RIM officials have already confirmed its purpose.

The fact that this phone only uses touch gestures to navigate through the interface may hint towards the possibility of RIM launching the first OS 10 smartphone, without a physical keyboard.

Although the manufacturer is known to not drop support for traditional components, this may be seen as a bold statement, towards a new-style approach.

Image credit and source: CrackBerry (opens in new tab)