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Dropbox Gives Away 3GB For Using Camera Upload

Dropbox is giving away a total of 3GB of free, permanent Dropbox space for every user. Its new Camera Upload service allows users to upload photos directly from their camera, tablet, SD card or smartphone to their Dropbox account. Users can access the Camera Upload feature via their Android phone or from the desktop application.

The latest version of the Android app will launch the Camera Upload feature on the user's device. There are a number of preferences that consumers can choose from, including whether to sync photos over their data allowance.

To use the Camera Upload feature from the desktop application, users must have the latest version (1.3.4 or higher). When a camera or phone is plugged into the computer, consumers will be prompted to upload those photos to their Dropbox folder.

On uploading a photo, users will gain 500MB of extra, free Dropbox space. After that, every 500MB of photos uploaded via the Camera Upload feature will give the user another 500MB. This can be done six times, giving the user a possible 3GB of extra space.

Free Dropbox accounts come in at 2GB, and with the added space from the use of Camera Upload, 5GB. Competitor Google Drive offers 5GB of space and was released only last week. Dropbox is certainly upping its game with this giveaway, but will it be enough to combat the attractive starting space offer from Google Drive?