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GAME Parent Company Now Known As Game Retail Limited

Baker Acquisitions Limited, the company owned by OpCapita who eventually saved troubled UK retailer GAME from completely dissolving, has changed its name to Game Retail Limited.

The OpCapita subsidiary purchased GAME's UK assets on 1st April, while it was undergoing administration. Technically it still resides in that state while the administrator PwC finishes selling off any unwanted assets. That includes much of the overseas branches, but Game Retail Limited did express interest in the Iberian arm of the business, having now picked up that portion of the company's portfolio.

GAME (opens in new tab) went through a good few months of very troubled times before eventually being saved by OpCapita. Many companies were thought to be interested, though ultimately the only credible offer came from the Comet owner. It's been reported that all the stores and assets of GAME's UK business could have been purchased for as little as £1 in the end.

Since the buyout, GAME has been attempting to regain some of its lost stature, announcing a UK exclusive of the next Square Enix Nintendo DS title. However, it faces stiffer competition from supermarkets now, with Tesco, Sainsbury's and others attempting to cash in on the retailer's troubled times. Many have stepped up their game sales divisions in the hope of taking a few of the jaded GAME customers that for a short while at least, appeared to have no high street option for game purchases.

Source: MCVUK (opens in new tab)

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