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Google Releases "Cube", The Google Maps Game

Google has finally released its Google Maps game, named "Cube". A teaser trailer for the game was released back in January, and was originally going to be released in February. The game can be found at (opens in new tab).

The game takes you through New York, Tokyo, London and other cities and helps you learn about all the Google map features.

The aim of the game is navigate a marble with the cursor through each map and level, in the fastest time possible. There are eight levels to the map-based game.

Level 1: Drive the marble through the busy streets of Manhattan, New York, to get to your friends at the Brooklyn Bowl.

Level 2: Ride your bike to four landmarks through San Francisco.

Level 3: Navigate through Paris traffic to the Eiffel tower. Google advises you use the traffic layer to help avoid the busiest routes.

Level 4: Use the London Underground to get to Big Ben.

Level 5: Make your way through the streets of Tokyo, visiting famous landmarks, whilst keeping an eye on the road network.

Level 6: Visit six reviewed restaurants in Las Vegas in the shortest amount of time possible.

Level 7: Navigate through the Mall of America and be sure to collect all of the Google offers.

Level 8: Use your knowledge gained from the previous levels to find the fastest route to the end point in the constantly changing cubic city.

Source: TechOnShow (opens in new tab)